colombian chess set combo (walnut board)


Imported from Spain, high-quality veneered wooden chessboard that has proven over the years to be the best chessboards in the world. Dark squares made from Walnut and light squares from Maple with a Walnut border and finished with a matt coat for durability. These boards come packed in a cardboard box. Board size: 60cm x 60cm board with 60mm squares and 13mm height.

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This Colombian Staunton ultra-luxury set is the product of careful attention to detail by master artisans. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted, triple hand-weighted, buff polished to perfection and fitted with a thick green felt base. The result is a seamlessly designed set.

The pieces have been weighted through the most advanced weighting system technique available on the market, allowing the same level of weighting with a minimum amount of materials and therefore eliminating the possibility of cracks.

The dark pieces are made from red-bud rose and the lighter chess pieces from boxwood. Red-bud rose is a luxury wood, known for its rich dark colour and a slight tint of red.

Size of the king: 120mm (height); 45mm (base).
Size of the pawn: 58mm (height);35mm (base).