Robin Hood Chess Set


‘Robbing from the rich to give to the poor’ was how Robin Hood became an English Folklore hero.

Be the ultimate hero by playing chess as Robin Hood and Little John or embrace your dark side as the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. Fight for good or fight for evil and have fun the whole time! These beautifully hand-painted and durable resin pieces will keep you entertained.

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Robin Hood chess set pieces:
King: Robin Hood with bow, quiver, sword, and dagger tucked into his belt.
Queen: Maid Marian in a long flowing cream gown.
Bishops: Friar Tuck with staff and ale in hand and a lamb at his feet.
Knights: Castle guards.
Rooks: Trees with little dwellings hidden in them.
Pawns: Merry Men

Every piece is made of polyresin plastic and hand-painted using long-lasting, lead-free paint. King height: 8cm; King base: 2.5cm

Board and/or box options:

1. The veneered chessboard made from Black Poplar and Bird’s Eye Maple with a Blackwood frame compliment this Robin Hood set perfectly. Imported from Spain, this is a unique combination that is eye-catching and will not fail to impress.  Size of the board: 40cm x 40cm board with 40mm squares.

2. With the playing board functioning as a wooden box with storage underneath for the pieces, this chess set is ideal for those who travel or want to easily transport their chess set around. The wooden storage box is 37cm x 37cm with a height of 5.5cm. The actual surface for playing is 31cm x 31cm with 4cm squares. The inside box gently cradles and holds each piece separately to hold it safe and secure.